Perks Studio - Where the Magic Happens

Today, Perks is a full-service concierge and gifting center for any and every occasion. But like all good things, it started small.

Back in 1999, I considered gifting a hobby I indulged in from time to time, after a stressful workday. It was fun to figure out what the recipient would love, and then package it up “just so.”
I was lucky to have a mom who shared my fascination for the arts, and we used my occasional vacation days to roam the gift sections of upscale shops. It was on one of those outings, on the seventh floor of Bergdorf Goodman, that my entrepreneurial spark was lit. We were admiring a selection of uniquely wrapped food gifts, and kind of wishing they were kosher, when we realized that we should be the ones to introduce the kosher market to high caliber gourmet food gifts. My mom, Rachel, is an energetic perfectionist, and with my creativity and management skills, we’d make a perfect team.
Taking the plunge, I gave my boss notice, rented a freshly painted workspace, ordered all the pretty things I’d ever coveted, and The Sweet Shoppe was born! Our priority was that the food we included would taste even more luscious than they looked, and we sometimes even baked our own delicacies.
After fifteen years and two expansions, my enthusiastic staff joined me for the next ride; the launch of Perks gifting and concierge. We’re here to devise lots of ways to perk up your big day, and we’re passionate about what we do.
I’m so glad you visited today, and I’d love for you to feel the Perks passion, as well. Would you take a moment to glance at some of the stuff we‘ve done?
- Esther

Promotional Branding

Whether it’s for a corporate event or a memorable corporate gift our services include everything that will guarantee your success. We provide full-scale corporate event services for in-office meeting or conferences, promotional gifts, individual gifting and concierge. As proud members of ASI we have access to thousands of promotional giveaways for your next event or marketing campaign.

Concierge Services

When you’re planning a social or corporate event there are many intrinsic details that need to be taken care of. We’ll be glad to take the edge off your work by providing stellar concierge services. If that requires shopping, ordering kosher food for hotels or homes, hospitality arrangements, floral bouquet orders, phone calls, driving services or other; we can handle it all.

Gift Wrapping Services

Whether you’re planning a social or corporate event; small or large we can help you out in many ways. Our gift wrapping services include exclusive gift wrapping and personalized bags and tags for gifts you have purchased or gifts you’d like us to provide. Pricing depends on quantity, request, and time frame requirement. Our dedicated staff can handle large orders, and meet your deadline.

Event Fulfillment

Once you’ve booked your destination for your event; we’re here to service you with all the details for a proper welcome to your guests. With our unique flair for creative welcome bags, personalized tags and itineraries, hotel lobby post board’s schedules, comfort food, amenities and gifts; your guests will settle in for a memorable event. If you’re hosting at your own place there are many details we can help you with as well. Providing and organizing delivery for your welcome bags for guests and gifts for your hostess, and ordering your welcome food spread along with the serving utensils; are just some of the services we can provide.

Custom Gifting

When you need to celebrate a milestone, a special moment, or create that special moment; we are here to do that for you. With original gift creations that include exclusive gifts and gourmet goodies along with fresh floral accents; your gift will make a great impression on the recipient. With many years of experience of creating the perfect gift for personal occasions and corporate clients; our gifts hit the spot and bring rave reviews.

Memorable Event Giveaways

They say that “little things make big impressions”, and they’re right. Nothing beats topping off a successful event with something original, edible, and memorable for your guests to take home. Whether you’re looking to create a full scale take-away buffet station to match your theme, or if you’d like to have Valet parking place that special something in your guests’ cars, or just want to hand something out to your guests; we’ll help you get it all together. From planning to deliver all you need to complete this task; we’ll be there with you.

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